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International Student Career Week

This series of workshops will provide information catered to international undergraduate and graduate student career development. Register for one or more sessions covering important topics tailored to international student career development, including the job search process and immigration topics. You will benefit from this program whether you just started your academic program at VT, are starting the search for a summer off-campus experience (internship), or are graduating and starting your full-time job search.

Schedule for Spring 2023

3:00-3:30PM    Intro to F-1 employment options | register for Zoom webinar

4:00-5:00PM    Job searching in the U.S. | register for Zoom webinar

4:00-5:00PM    CPT workshop | register for Zoom webinar

4:00-5:00PM    OPT workshop | register for Zoom webinar

4:00-5:00PM    F-1 Immigration Pathways | eligible students will receive email registration invitation for in-person session

4:00-5:00PM Interviewing in the U.S. | register for Zoom webinar

3:00-3:30PM    Intro to STEM OPT | register for Zoom webinar