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Pre-Departure Orientation in China

The China Pre-Departure Program is scheduled for June of 2023.

Cranwell International Center, partnering with Student Affairs, Undergraduate Education, and the Graduate School, hosts two Pre-Departure Orientation Programs in China. Our first event will be held June 16 in  Shanghai and the second on June 19 in Beijing. These programs are intended for new undergraduate and graduate international students who will begin their degree programs at VT this coming Fall semester. Our group of faculty and staff will provide students and their family members with important information regarding Virginia Tech, which includes but is not limited to:

  • immigration, visa, and travel issues
  • academic issues
  • cultural adjustment issues
  • housing
  • dining
  • health services
  • immunizations and other preparations.

The goal is to provide information and insight that will help students be better prepared to make a successful transition to university life in the US even before they board a plane to come to the US.

You must pay the $400 matriculation fee to accept the offer of admission. Once the fee is paid, the Cranwell International Center will begin immigration processing. To pay the fee, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Visit the Accepting Your Offer webpage and follow the guide for International Students.
  2. You can pay by eCheck from your checking account, by the date indicated in your offer packet. To pay by eCheck: 
  • Visit the application status page   
  • Log in with the email address and password you used to set up your guest account.
  • Click on “Application Information”
  • Select the link under Admission Term (e.g. “Fall Semester 2023″)
  • Follow the on-screen directions to pay by eCheck (eCheck documentation is available online)

    3.  If you do not want to pay using eCheck, you can pay using Flywire.

Once you pay the matriculation fee, your record will be transferred to Cranwell International Center for immigration processing and you will receive an email outlining next steps.

Students from Cranwell International Center and Facilities staff install 128 international flags in front of Burruss Hall. There are people from 128 countries at Virginia Tech. The flags were displayed for the Installation of University President Timothy Sands.

The Pre-Departure Orientation Programs in China in June are in addition to the on-campus New International Undergraduate Student Orientation Program in August. All incoming international students are required to attend the New International Undergraduate Student Orientation Program  in August.