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Mandatory Check-In

All new international graduate students at the Blacksburg campus are required to complete an immigration check-in online through the IntlHokies portal to satisfy immigration requirements. (NCR students must check in in person at the Falls Church campus). Check-in can be completed only after arrival in the U.S., or upon arriving in Blacksburg for transfer students.

Before you start the check-in process, you must complete the following steps first:

  1. Set up your 2-factor authentication, which is a security requirement for accessing Virginia Tech accounts.
  2. Enter your US address in HokieSPA as your Mailing Address typs (MA). Temporary addresses (hotels, friends, office) are not acceptable; you must have permanent housing to update your address, but you do not have to show proof of a rental agreement or other documentation.
  3. Gather your immigration documents:
  4. Scan or photograph these documents and save each in a separate file:
    • Scan with a resolution best for online viewing (about 100 dpi)
    • Save files as pdf, jpg, or bmp. Limit file size to less than 10MB, preferably less than 1MB.
    • From the passport, scan the following pages into two separate files:
      • Demographic page(s) with your photo, name, date of birth, passport number, and expiration date; do not scan address pages. If these items are on multiple pages, compile them into one file before uploading in the portal. 
      • Current F-1 or J-1 visa and most recent entry stamp with date and port of entry and visa status notation. If these items are on multiple pages, compile them into one file before uploading in the portal.

When you are ready for check-in, log into the IntlHokies portal. After you log-in, select "Immigration Check-in" from the menu options. Once you complete the form and upload the necessary files, click "Submit." You will receive an email within about 4 hours confirming your submission - please check your junk mail if you do not receive it.

An immigration advisor will review your check-in information and documents and will contact you if further information is needed, or when your check-in is approved.  

Please note that while immigration check-in is mandatory, it does not have to be completed before you can register for classes, get your Hokie Passport, and take care of other items on the new student checklist.