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English Language Assistance

As of Fall 2017, the Virginia Tech Writing Center foreign language / conversation groups will replace the former English Practice Groups previously available through Cranwell International Center. 

Virginia Tech Writing Center Mission

The Virginia Tech Writing Center aims to support all writers within our community and foster an environment in which students’ learning differences are respected and addressed. We employ a diverse group of graduate and undergraduate writing coaches working in multiple disciplines across campus. We strive to uphold VT’s global land-grant values of discovery, learning, and outreach. In doing so, we are committed to:

  • Supporting students in all stages of the writing process.
  • Encouraging and facilitating collaboration among students.
  • Celebrating language diversity and growth.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary understandings of thinking and writing.
  • Engaging in research-supported pedagogy and best practices.

Undergraduate Services

Almost everybody agrees that writing is an important skill. But how does one get better at it? Through individual writing consultations and multilingual services, the Writing Center hopes to offer undergraduate students a range of resources for developing their communication skills.  All services are free to Virginia Tech students.

Individual Writing Consultations

The most popular service that the Writing Center offers is individual writing consultations, which are 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can make an appointment to work with a coach on anything writing related— from brainstorming topic ideas, to issues of development, organization, or editing. Be sure to come to the session prepared to work on your writing project and discuss any questions you have with a writing center coach. 

Writing Partners

Do you have both short and long-range goals for your writing? Sign up for a writing partner! 

Writing partners are matched up during the first three weeks of each semester for students enrolled in a first-year composition or other communication-centered course who would like weekly support with the same writing coach. These partnerships provide personalized and ongoing support to reach your writing goals.  You will be paired with another undergraduate student who will get to know you and your writing.

To request a writing partner, please fill out the Writing Partner Form

Multilingual Services

Conversation groups and writing support are offered in French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Arabic, and Russian, (and they hope to offer other languages in the future). Volunteers lead small-group discussions in the target language and/or work with students one-on-one to help them with their language development. Volunteers will not edit or proofread student work, but they will teach strategies to help students further their understanding. Individual as well as group appointments can be used for assistance with speaking, reading and writing.; check out the appointment page and click the "Foreign Language / Conversation Grou" option under the schedule tab. 

Foreign Language Volunteers

Do you have a language to share? Would you like to lead a conversation group or help students one-on-one with a language? Please fill out the Conversation Leader Volunteer Form. 

Additional Resources

International students interested in formal English classes should consider the following resources: